My Deep Dark Halloween Secret…

This post IS about a little secret of mine, but don’t run away yet. It DOES include fall crafts and projects that I love and that you can do with your kids. I just need to get something off my chest first! So here we go….


The Deep Dark Secret Part:


Fall Door Decor

fall door decor with pinecones

fall door decor with pinecones

 Fall decor for your door!

I should have titled this, “Fall Door Decoration,” but let’s be honest…”Fall Door Decor” just has a nice little ring to it!

I try to include my son in almost everything I do (craft-wise). He needs to get outside and let tons of pent-up energy out after school! So instead of putting up a fall wreath on our front door, I saw this and thought, “oooh, we can go on a nature walk and find the pine cones!” So off we went. All we found were teeny tiny ones in the yard of a vacant house. So I voyaged out to the other side of the road and found some great big ones behind my friend’s house. She graciously allowed me to take them :) She said I owe her BIG TIME though! haha (more…)

Pallet Wall for Displaying Child’s Art

pallet wall for art updated bare wall

I am not a designer. I am not a decorator. Give me a picture of something and I can absolutely recreate it! It kind of bothers me to be honest with you. I wish I could come up with my own phrases for signs or a new way to do something, but I just can’t!

 Pallet Wall Inspiration:

I saw this pallet wall on a child’s accent wall while I was researching, (aka Pinteresting), how to “whitewash” my pallets and I said, (more…)

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