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LoxiGold Decor Etsy Shop Goes LIVE! With Kelly & Michael:

Since most of my followers are my dear, dear friends and family, you all probably already know about my 15 minutes of fame! My signs are in Parent Guide News, an online magazine about parenting and children. They are featuring my sign shop as a giveaway for $25 towards one of my signs! This is the most exciting thing to me! (more…)

How Eggnog Lead Me to Make 10 Pallet Signs in One Day

how to make 10 pallet signs in one day

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus it is possible to make ten signs in one day.


Goldilox's workshop pallet signs

It all started with a cup of eggnog chai coffee. “Ew” you say? I knew you’d say that!  Nobody likes eggnog except me. So there are NO coffee shops in my town. Well, there is one. It is called “Café Liquid” AND.IT.ROCKS. If you’re ever in Niceville, Florida, stop in! I never dared to go in until a friend invited me…everyone knows the way to my heart is through coffee.

wholesale signs

Wow, total digression. I apologize. I find courage in numbers. Since I had my friend by my side I decided to ask her if she would run across the street to check out another store I’ve always wanted to go to, but never dared to. As we risked our lives to run across the street, with the wind in my locks, I knew this would be a glorious day. It already rocked since my friend surprised me by paying for my amazing egg nog coffee and a kick arse sandwich. I also scored some top secret items to make signs on (another post, probably not for a while since I blog less now)………

I had muttered to myself (so I thought) “I could make this.” Apparently it wasn’t to myself. The owner of the store heard me (wow I talk LOUDLY to myself, don’t I?) She asked me if I made pallet signs. Um, yes, by golly I do! She asked to see some, so I showed her some on my mobile device. She asked me what my wholesale price was. Folks, lemme tell you. You could hear crickets chirping in the field of Kansas. “My whole-what?” Is what I believe my response was. Jeez…just giving myself away that I’m a total newbie at franchising my signs!

She saw this and said, “well, just go home and figure it out and let me know.” PHEW!! I was off the hook. I figured it with a frantic call to Big Bear and my friend and between the three of us we decided what I would “wholesale” them for.

We agreed to start with ten signs. Ready, set, go!

I got Big Bear to help me since that’s a big order for me! It was like an assembly line in my workshop garage. I usually have one or two custom pallet signs I’m doing and the rest are just what I want to do. So I had the wood already cut. I handed it to him, he sanded, I inspected and told him to do it again, I stained or painted and set aside to dry. Next, I’m off to go get L’il Bear at school. I came back and the paint was dry, so I painted on my second coat of paint. Go get son a snack and drink. Sand again as fast as you can because if you take your time you will get interrupted by some nonsensical über important request. Paint the inspirational words on each sign and let dry.

Ok, so I consider them done when the sawtooth hanger is on the back and my logo is imprinted on the back. So technically I didn’t finish them according to my standards. I did make them all in one day. On day two I put the sawtooth hangers on the back, do some touch-ups and seal them with a kiss! Yes, sometimes I do kiss my signs for good luck :)

sawtooth hangers 10 signs

Mission Accomplished! Wholesale Adventure #1 Complete

Tomorrow the goods will be delivered and I will smile happily as I risk my life again to cross the street and get another eggnog chai coffee! This is my life…another adventure in Goldilox’s picnic basket!

pallet signs in a picnic basket

Have you ever made 10 of anything (besides cookies, muffins, etc.?) What was it? I’m not even tired from it! I’m exhilarated because it’s to have TEN of my signs in somebody else’s cute shop!

make 10 pallet signs in one day

To see the other signs and furniture I make, please feel free to look at my cute lil sign shop LoxiGold Decor on Etsy! I’m starting to make Christmas signs and I’m sooo excited!! I love me some Christmas!!

Birthday Love: Then & Now

birthday flowers balloons battleship

I have always ALWAYS loved my birthday. I am assuming it is because as far back as I can remember, it was made into such a big deal. I don’t necessarily like being the “center of attention” but I do LOVE to feel special.

birthday love then

Me and my cool cats partying it up my house! Aren’t we the cutest!


Before Facebook, MySpace, email, etc. I received cards galore for my birthday. I mean, open the mailbox and people who I didn’t think even remembered me would send me a card. Who doesn’t love getting an actual letter or card in the mail??  My parents always send flowers and balloons to me during middle school and that made me feel like the most special person in the entire world! After my parents passed, my sister kept that tradition going and isn’t that just the best!!! She knows how to make someone feel special for sure!! How many older sister’s do you know that would send their little sister a bouquet of flowers and balloons to school?


birthday flowers balloons battleship

Let’s break this down. #1 those are the flowers & balloons I received every year! #2 I got Battleship as my “big” gift! That’s major cool points #3 I finally FINALLY got to wear my sister’s sweater. I wanted to wear that thing since the day I was born! She was always WAY cooler than I was…and still is!


Well, my family makes every holiday and birthday and triumph into a special occasion. I think Big and Lil’ Bear are starting to catch on ;) Last year I got my Mac lap top for my birthday and it is a joke that it will be my birthday present for the next 5 years worth of birthday and Christmas presents!

This year I didn’t get any “present” from my Big Bear, but I got THE BEST “gift.” He took a painting/sign making class with me! It was the most excited I’d been in a long time.I was bouncing up and down the whole ride there with giddiness! I was giddy up until we got there got home afterwards! I kept looking over at him and just felt so loved! He actually enjoyed himself, too, which made it even more awesome!

The theme of the class was “antique signs” so it was right up my alley! We got our best babysitter and headed out! They served wine, soda, water and coffee, but since I was the “birthday girl” I was only allowed wine! haha. I did get a diet coke as well…I wanted my sign to turn out well! I don’t have a steady hand AT ALL, so I didn’t want too much wine!

It was the best night, the best birthday and I have the best husband in the world! Oh, and I got my apple pie for dinner, too! We won’t talk about how my Pear Bear puppy ate the half that we didn’t finish :( So sad, but Big Bear whipped up a Hot Tottie I am now renaming “Hot Apple Pie Cidah” (which I will share with you soon.)

Check out our masterpiece antique signs!!

Big Bear’s:

Birthday love Give Thanks antique sign


antique sign pumpkins apples hayrides


Of course I love Big Bear’s sign more and he likes mine more! This picture doesn’t make the sign look that great! It really is great though, and now we have two new signs to put up in our house that will always have a special birthday story behind them! Now that’s LOVE!

Do you LOVE your birthday and celebrate it or do you tend to shy away from it?



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