Won’t You Join The Beauty Society With Me?

Beauty Society “The Last Skincare You will Ever Need”


Doesn’t that just sound like a high falooting club for princesses or members of the Housewives of Orange County? I feel like I am a princess using these products! I was contacted by a friend asking me if I would try some samples of her skincare line. UMMMM, sure!! This was a no-brainer for me because I LOVE SAMPLES! I definitely go to Sam’s Club for the samples and use the samples that are glued to the inside of magazines, so why would I turn down free samples?? I wouldn’t! Here’s what came in the mail for moi, plus one extra bit of love for my “laugh lines” on my eyes! I much prefer “laugh lines” to “crows feet” because that’s just gross!


From a young age I have had sensitive, acne prone skin. My gram put me on Mary Kay in high school, then I put myself on Proactive in college and now that I am a mom I just use whatever happens to be in the shower that day…Dove bar, Clearasil (am I 14?) or Neutrogena of some sorts. I guess maybe some people are hesitant to try samples because they are afraid they will break out. Well, when you are a SAHM and live in yoga pants and tank tops, go out only to walk the dog and get the mail, and have a husband that doesn’t care how you look because he loves you to pieces, then who cares if you break out a little? You need to take care of such things especially when you are working out with the best treadmills or something similar. I always have something on my face, so I wasn’t scared! haha. Let’s just say I hope Lil’ Bear takes after Big Bear’s side of the family when it comes to skin! My samples arrived and they are just so pretty! The are PINK! Do you know what my favorite color is? Guess? PINK! I could hardly wait until that night to wash my face with the new Beauty Society products! I also wouldn’t do a review of a product that I didn’t like, especially if it was from somebody I liked or knew, so you know I love this stuff!!

Here’s my review of each Beauty Society sample ( I received 5):

SetMeFreeandRefillStep 1. “Set Me Free” cleanser: It’s green, it looks like an aloe vera gel and it works fabulously! Green gel-like cleanser over the boring white generic cleanser is just fun! My biggest issue with my skin is my big (understatement) pores. A dermatologist once told me” you can not shrink your pores, but you can reduce the appearance of them.” After the first time washing my face with this, “the appearance of my pores looked smaller” indeed! It had a tiny scent that reminded me of tree tea oil almost, but not really…I couldn’t place my finger on it! These products are fragrance free, so what I was smelling was obviously just the great product! My pores looked like little dots instead of a tunnel for big rigs to pass through!


CRYSTALBALL*2. “Crystal Ball” resurfacing*: THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE! If I for some reason can not buy anything else, this would be what I would buy. Hands down the best “resurfacer” or exfoliator I have ever used. It smells kind of like cement…not that I know what that smells like, but it kind of resembles concrete, so maybe that’s where I got that from. It is so fine, unlike other exfoliators that have those “beads” or “shells” in them. It says to massage on face and neck for up to 3 minutes. I think I did 2-3 minutes each time. I didn’t want to stop! As you rinse it off you can FEEL how soft your skin is already! *My husband, Big Bear, kisses me goodbye every morning. I am usually sleeping like a ROCK, so I don’t always feel it, but I know that he is doing it in my far away dream land state! Later that night (this is after the first night I used it mind you) after he got home and we were eating dinner he says, “Oh! By the way, when I kissed you this morning your face was as soft as a baby’s behind!”* Oh. My. Gawd! This is coming from a man who wouldn’t notice if I painted the house neon yellow! So for him to notice something like that was HUGE! I knew right then and there that this stuff was legitimately princess worthy and I HAD to have it!

BABYCALMDOWNLARGEStep 3: “Baby Calm Down” Rebuild + Repair: I am a sucker for products with great names! Aren’t these names more fun than, “Black head Repair” or “Ultra Face Lotion” which are so generic and boring. We deserve to have more fun than that! This left my skin feeling soft and supple and it comes in such a great color! It is aqua blue and shimmers like a swimming pool. It looks like a gel, just like the cleanser.




ANYTIMEANYWHERE*Step 4: “Anytime Anywhere” Moisturizer*: This would be my 2nd MUST HAVE. I am used to Cetaphil moisturizer, which, if you have used it before, you know it is quite thick. Here in Florida, the humidity makes it just melt off my face and body. It’s not a pretty sight! Cetaphil works great, but when it is 99 degrees, but feels like 115, the last thing you need to worry about is your face dripping off! This stuff is so INCREDIBLY light! It smells light, it feels light and it goes on your face and neck and leaves it feeling like rose petals!


Step 5: “Immortal Eyes” eye cream: I got a bonus product in my package! woot woot!! It is an eye cream. I have tried a lot of eye creams to get rid of those “crows feet” “laugh line” wrinkles around the outer eye and just to protect that thin, sensitive skin. I end up washing them off because they sting and hurt and feel sticky! No buenó. This eye cream actually gives a warm sensation right when it goes on and then it immediately disappears! It feels wonderful and the skin around my eyes feels less fragile.     All of these products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, vegan friendly and made in the USA! How can you not want a product that gives you all of that AND works wonderfully. At first I wasn’t used to using a product that didn’t smell like pure medicine, so to have the natural smells of the ingredients was actually quite pleasing. I know I am not putting a bunch of chemicals on my face. They are also 100% money back guaranteed and they have a less than 1% return rate! So if you aren’t in love like I am, then send ‘em on back, no questions asked! I went to Grad school for a health related degree, I use chemical free products by Norwex to clean my house, Tom’s of Maine deodorant and toothpaste and I make my laundry detergent. It just seems natural to want to use these skin care products on my face because they complement my lifestyle. There wasn’t one thing I didn’t like! I liked the packaging, the color, the feel, the results, the ingredients and the compliments from my husband! I can’t wait to get my products in the mail and not have to be sad that my samples are all gone! If you want to learn more about these products or find more anti-aging products, makeup, perfume and hair products, go to http://www.beautysociety.com/tarazwick. If you want to consult with a professional before you buy, because they have products for ALL your skin care needs, hair care needs, and makeup needs, contact Tara Zwick either on the website above or directly at tarazwick@yahoo.com  She is one delightful woman and would love to help you out with any skin or hair issue you have! She gave me samples based on what I told her I was most concerned about in regards to my skin and she did a great job! I am placing my order ASAP and if you would like to as well, know that any order over $50 results in getting a free prize from Tara! I can’t wait to see what mine is!! So won’t you join me in becoming part of the elite Beauty Society!? * = my favorite, must haves!

Beauty-Society.jpgDisclaimer: I received samples of products from Beauty Society in exchange for a review post. All opinions are 100% mine :)


New Addition To Lil’ Bear’s Room: Skateboard Shelf

Pottery Barn Kids Knockoff Skateboard Shelf

This skateboard shelf is a great addition to any boy or girls room! My sister had a skateboard when she was younger, so I don’t want to say it is just for a boys’ room! I first saw it on Pottery Barn Teen, then it was on Pinterest and then I friend sent it to me on FB saying that they thought of Lil’ Bear…so it was obviously MEANT for his room! Even these spin bikes models can help you to achieve greater fitness level or else you can go for these rowing machine reviews and choose the best one according to your budget.

Here’s the one I liked on Pottery Barn. It was $119 at the time. It is no longer available, but mine was $5 because all I needed were the L brackets! In the words of Lil’ Bear, “suckahs!”


It’s not even that nice, right? It’s just a piece of wood turned into the shape of a skateboard and painted navy blue! It has NO sentimental value, or memories or nicks and scrapes! BOOORING!!  If I am going to spend $119, it won’t be on something so plain!

My son has been obsessed with skateboarding since he was about a year and a half old. We have NO idea where it came from. We were walking in the NEX (kind of like a Wal-Mart on a Navy Base, stands for Navy Exchange) and he pointed to it and I can’t remember if it was me or my husband who bought it. This skateboard was the tiniest, cutest thing ever!


The obsession stuck. He’s now 5 and can do moves that our neighbor boy, who is 13 does! He lived at the skate park when we were stationed in Hawaii, but now he just likes to do it in our Cul de Sac.

On Lil Bear’s 2nd birthday, a college buddy of mine sent Lil’ Bear two professional skateboards. Lil’ Bear has grown to love one over the other, so the other one turned into a snowboard/trampoline board, trick board with the wheels taken off. He practices on the ground with it, but I decided to put it to use on his wall since it was not being used as much now.

I was going to surprise Lil’ Bear with the skateboard shelf, but I kind of let it slip and he got SOO excited. He wouldn’t let me wait to do it, so we set up shop and made the dream come alive!

Things we used to make the skateboard shelf:

  • polyurethane
  • paint brush
  • damp rag
  • triangle helper thingies (yes, that’s their technical name)…ok, ok , I’ll go look  for their real name….ok, “Painter’s Pyramids” They make painting things on both sides a snap!
  • L brackets
  • short screws
  • anchors
  • stud finder
  • screw driver
  • level (did you know you could use your iPhone as a level if you don’t have one??? Big Bear found this feature for me! Go under “Utilities –>compass–>swipe—> ta da, it’s a level!)


After you find at least one stud, mark it off and then try to get the next L bracket to line up on another stud. If you can’t get it to line up, you will just have to use anchors! It took me forever to figure out those lil doohickeys! What you do is, you pre drill with a drill bit, using the approximate size of your screw, but not bigger than it. Then put your anchor in that pre drilled hole and LIGHTLY tap that anchor into the drywall. When it is flush with the wall (might stick out just a tiny bit) you can go ahead and put your L bracket (or whatever you are using for a particular project) and screw the screw into the anchor. This helps the skateboard or shelf or whatever you are putting in your wall, STAY on your wall. Sometimes screws just come right out of the drywall and you are left with a messy bunch of drywall crumbles and an ugly hole in the wall. If you aren’t screwing into a wooden stud, you NEED anchors! Ok, enough Tim The Toolman, here’s what it looks like!



I like ours a lot better. Lil’ Bear helped a lot and was part of the whole project, so it is much more meaningful and have I mentioned it was only $5 because I only need to buy the brackets??

I will always remember all of the fun things we all did on this skateboard. It means more to me than if I had bought one off from Pottery Barn. This is his first professional skateboard that now holds his most precious things…Power Ranger that daddy bought him when daddy was deployed, Magic 8 ball, Skylanders toy from his birthday, a figurine Big Bear kept through his deployment, right on his shelf so he could see it everyday. Now it lives on this shelf where Lil’ Bear can see it every day!

Oh and if you were wondering what Lil’ Bear did with the wheels that he took off from this skateboard a year ago, this is his creation:



So whaddya think about the shelf? Like it, share it!

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Camden The Strong

Beautiful Camden St. Patrick’s Day 2014

Battling a fatal disease one day at a time

Sometimes things happen TO you and sometimes things happen FOR you. This is a story about how one little boy is going through something horrible, yet so many people are learning from it. Not everyone is lucky enough to know this precious little boy and his amazing family. So many people are coming together and rallying for this little hero and I hope that you will join us!

When I think of a hero, I first think of Spiderman, Batman and the ever elusive Power Rangers. I also think of my husband, Big Bear for being in the Military and fighting in two wars. When I remove myself from the fictional characters and all of the military men and women, I think of Camden The Strong and his Mac Pac.

You see, Camden The Strong (CTS) wasn’t always a hero. He used to race his bike to the stop sign and relish in the delight of beating his mom. He used to help his little brothers learn to ride a scooter and put on their helmets and he didn’t mind playing princess with his baby sister.

Season of Change

One day during Christmas vacation his mom and dad noticed that Camden wasn’t running as fast, biking that well or climbing the stairs to his room. He was walking instead of running, scooting instead of biking and crawling up the stairs instead of walking. Actually, he wasn’t even able to sit up after laying on the floor playing games with his siblings. On a hunch that something was wrong, they took their first born to the doctor.

It was there that Camden turned into a hero. He knew he was weaker than he should be. He knew he was changing. He knew he was more tired than he should be. What he didn’t know was that he was transforming into Camden The Strong! He didn’t know that with his new challenges he was bringing a community, a family and a town together.

A Disease Without a Cure

Camden The Strong is fighting Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) at the young age of 6. He has two younger brothers and one younger sister. His dad is in the Army and his mom used to be as well. Camden does not cry. He does not whine. He does not fret. He hugs his mom when he sees that she is sad. He lets his little brother help him get up from the floor. He gives everyone who knows him strength and passion just by smiling his sweet smile. We all pray for him with all of our heart. We encourage The Mac Pac (their nickname for their family) with our thoughts, prayers, advice, listening ears and in any way that we can.

a true hero smiles through the pain

Health Care should Not Be a Daily Struggle

It has been a struggle to get Camden The Strong (I’ll call him CTS from here on out) the right healthcare from the beginning. His mom has had to beg and plead with doctors to see her son. She has jumped through too many hoops to get her son protected from being forced to do things that his body is simply unable to do. Even getting a different house that is one story so that CTS doesn’t have to crawl up stairs or be carried has been a hassle. When a child is diagnosed with a fatal disease, one should not have to fight every single battle just to get him proper health care! The family should be able to concentrate on making happy memories, keeping the family strong and as stress free as possible. Mom should not have to spend her entire day on the phone day after day fighting for what should already be taking place!

The Bucket List!


The Mac Pac is amazing. CTS has made a bucket list and family, friends and other hero’s are making CTS’s wishes come true. I am greatly disappointed in the military health care, but encouraged by the outpouring of love being given to The Mac Pac. This is Camden’s bucket list:

With the help of some amazing people, Camden has been able to experience a few of his dreams. Camden had a dream of having a bunk bed so he and his best friend, Tyson, who also happens to be his first little brother, could be together. He said that if they got a bunk bed that he would give his little brother the top bunk because it would be too hard for him to climb the ladder… unreal, right? This child has THE biggest heart. He is always putting his brothers’ and sister’s wants and needs before his. Somehow somebody at Rooms to Go overheard their story and Rooms To Go donated his dream bed set! You can see Camden sitting on his new bed in the collage below, in the last picture.

Camden was able to go to a Texas Rangers baseball game with his family and met the pitcher! As you can see, he also has a sweet companion now, Penny the Shitzu! The family also took a trip to SeaWorld and Camden got a stuffed Shamu! These are the things that need to keep happening for this amazing family! He is so grateful and appreciative of every single act of kindness, big or small that someone does for him and his family.

Duchenne’s can’t keep you from dreaming and living through those dreams! Keep dreaming Cam!
Duchenne’s can’t keep you from dreaming and living through those dreams! Keep dreaming Cam!
Camden with his younger brother and best friend, Ty
Camden with his younger brother and best friend, Ty

As a mom, I can NOT even image how Camden’s mom Lindsey and his father Matthew deal with this every day. I think about my son and I thank the world that he has been healthy so far in his life. I don’t know what I would do. I would hope that I could be as amazing as Matt and Lindsey. They are fighting their hardest to make each day full of happiness. They are fighting for the best care and for a cure. I would want everyone to rally around me and help out as much as they could just like their family and friends are doing.

They Need Your Support!

I want each and every one of you who are reading this to just pretend for one minute that you woke up one morning and your child had a fatal disease that did not have a cure. What would you do? Really think about it? It would be devastating, right? Well, we personally can not find a cure, but we can do many things to help make this journey for The Mac Pac as painless as possible. Below there are tons of links to help you choose at least one way in which you can help them. An encouraging card, purchasing a shirt, helping make a bucket list item come true, and most importantly to The Mac Pac, prayers.

This is what Lindsey prays for when she is not praying for a cure:

Camden the Strong Camden playing in the waves in Hawaii when they were stationed there and he was healthy
Camden the Strong
Camden playing in the waves in Hawaii when they were stationed there and he was healthy

My favorite picture of all time from Lindsey’s photography (which she has put on hold to spend every second she can with Camden and the family) is this photo:

Picture of Camden The Strong
Picture of Camden The Strong

I started making another pallet sign and I just didn’t know what I was going to do with it. I just sat there and stared at it on my workbench. I decided to paint it white. I immediately knew what I was going to do with it. Here’s what I am sending to The Mac Pac to help keep their spirits high and to remember to go for it! Do anything you want and don’t let anything, including fear, keep you from playing the game of life!


How You Can Help:

June is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Awareness month. If you are wondering about ways you can help out or want to read up on the disease, I found these websites helpful:


You can read about and help Camden The Strong and The Mac Pac at:

  • This is Lil’ Bear and I in my #TeamCamden #CamdenTheStrong shirt:


I know it is easy to say to yourself, “well this isn’t my child, so I don’t need to do anything.” You are wrong. He is your child. He is all of ours.  PLEASE help this precious soul get stronger. Like their page, donate, leave comments of love, help with a bucket list item and pray every night. The Mac Pac would do it for you in a heartbeat!

<3 Please share this story on Facebook, Twitter, anything! I want to get this out to the public to make sure we tried our hardest to get Camden’s dreams to come true and to raise enough money, awareness and prayers to help a miracle happen for The Mac Pac! <3