Countdown Picture Frame with Chalkboard Paint

Countdown Frame with Chalkboard Paint

This frame is so near and dear to my heart. My husband deployed and the paper chain countdown that we made for his return just wasn’t enough. I like to save paper chains for Christmas! As I’ve mentioned before, when Big Bear deployed, Lil’ Bear and I literally did a project! I knew as soon as I saw this chalkboard countdown frame that we HAD to do it!

I posted this on Facebook when we did the project and never blogged about it. I recently came across it since I am slowly starting to hang up pictures. I HAVE to find a place to put this ASAP!

chalkboard frame

I’m sure I found it on Pinterest, but this was 3 years ago! So off we went to Ross, our favorite go-to store in Hawaii. It was meant to be! I never find what I’m actually going there for, so to find this perfect frame was shocking!

Frame before we primed it

So obnoxious, right!? I probably had this frame in my room when I was 12! Maybe that’s why I was drawn to it! ha ha! We removed the green flowery thing on the bottom left that says, “Best Friends Forever” and that is what we used for the number countdown. I had Lil’ Bear go to town priming it:

Priming the frame

I blurred the photo just a bit because Lil’ Bear had an obsession with being naked while daddy was away. I remember one time Big Bear said, “Do you ever make our child wear clothes?” I actually didn’t unless we were out front or going somewhere. You will see in the last photo what his other fun phase was ;-)

So he’s priming the frame because it has such vibrant, wild colors and I wanted to make sure the black paint looked as good as can be! Next, we painted the frame and the flower thing with black chalkboard paint. I liked the spray paint kind because we just had a tiny project and didn’t need a can of it. When that dried, we hot glued the flowery thing on the top of the frame and added some fun sparkly stickers that Lil’ Bear picked out. He also placed the letters on the frame!

Rust Oleum Chalkboard Paint

Photo courtesy of Centsational Girl

Since it was “his” project, I let him decide where he wanted to keep it so that we could count down the days until daddy was home. He chose right in front of the tv, which made me so happy! Every single morning he would run out, wipe the number off and ask me “how many now, Mumma?” I think we started at 52…somewhere around there! I think that is what the number on the frame says in this picture!

So actually, the frame on this picture cropped off his fingers, so you can’t see his other funny phase…but I’ll tell ya anyway. He always wanted his nails painted! Our next door neighbor was his BFF and she was the same age as him, so she painted his nails all of the time. Dad wasn’t fond of that phase, either, but it made him happy and that’s all I cared about!

finished DIY chalk countdown frame

Here’s the finished product! Tell me you aren’t saying, “awwwwww” right now! This could be used for any kind of homecoming, not just military deployments. Maybe until school is over and then put a graduation picture in it or for a summer vacation. Put a picture of where you are going inside the frame and then when you get home you can replace the picture with a family picture from vacation. Aruba anyone?

DIY Chalk countdown frame

We made it to ZERO! Daddy is home!


DIY  CHalk Frame Materials

Now grab some chalk, even colorful sidewalk chalk and start a countdown! Let me know if you do one of these! What kind of countdowns do you do? Also, do the rest of you have as hard of a time finding chalkboard paint as I do? I think we searched the island for a month for it! If we DID find some, it was out of stock! Alas, we found some and I pounced on it! (We couldn’t order from Amazon at that time because this was before Amazon Prime and shipping was outrageous!)

*The Amazon links inside are affiliate links, which mean that I will receive a small % of each sale made from that link.


Sizzlin’ Summer Deals

Go Crazy at Crazy 8 BOGO $0..88 and make out like a bandit!

WIth summer fast approaching us here in Florida, it’s time to get some new duds! (Am I the only one who calls clothes, “duds?” My mom used to say it!)

There are so many deals right now. Who doesn’t like a hot summer deal? I know some people are skeptical and think that stores raise their prices so that a mark down looks good, but these stores aren’t doing that! I mean, $0.88 is a mark down no matter what planet you’re from!!

Here’s what I’m thinking for Lil Bear from Crazy 8: Sale ends today, so hurry!

Crazy 8 sale



Ready, set, shop!!




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Decorate Our Blank Slate

I have great eyes, but they aren’t for design!

Calling all the monsters decorators!

As long as I can remember, I have not had an eye for design. I wore whatever the other kids wore, I chose boring things just to play it safe and always chose comfort over style. I am a late bloomer and only really catch on to trends a couple of years after they have happened! Thank goodness Pinterest exists for me now!

I grew up in Maine, but I think we lived in eight different houses before my parents bought an old farmhouse in “the country.” We didn’t have pigs and chickens, but the house was on 8 acres of land that went down to the river. Later on in life we had a horse and we always had a dog and litters of kittens. It was about 15 minutes from the main town, so it was considered “country” to us.

My mother always had the house decorated in what I consider “country-style.” There were wooden crafts everywhere, tiny trinkets of blueberries in a basket, wreaths made from hay and I kid you not, our garbage can was an old wooden barrel. Do you know how big those things are? When it was my job to take the garbage out, let me tell you, I needed a backhoe to help pull that thing out! It wasn’t a pretty job.

My country-style farmhouse: As you can see, there are wooden cows, wicker baskets, horses and did I mention baskets?? Do you SEE that behemoth garbage can?! And then there’s a pic of the land with the horse, India…and lots and lots of snow! (It also looks like my mom could have benefited from my “Frame Your Fridge” tutorial! Do you see where I get my picture obsession????) These are very old pics that I took pics of, so the quality is lacking, but you get the gist of the style, right?

country style

Now that I own my own house, I find that the “country” stuff is what I’m drawn to, but not because I like it, but because it’s all I know. I know how to decorate a farmhouse and a country home, but I don’t know how to turn that into a modernized style. There is nothing wrong with the country-style decor at all, it just isn’t what Big Bear and I want in our home right now.

I know that I love the chevron print and the Fretwork, I think it is called, but if you only have ONE piece like that, it stands out. I love feeling cozy and I love the feel of a ski chalet. I got married at a ski mountain and loved the wooden beams inside the lodge.

So where does one go from here? Our house is so plain and simple right now because it’s so scary to step out of your comfort zone! I could have this house decorated and done in a minute if I went country, but I wouldn’t like it. Soooo the house just stays empty. We like the minimalist feel and are trying like crazy to de-clutter every room.

Here’s the style that I know:

country ladder

country looking ladder with quilts

country decor

ultimate country dec

What we have (and like), but it’s the ONLY accent we have:

Fretwork Rug

Our rug

Here’s what style we like: Modern Lodgey type style

cozy lodge


modern lodge style

cozy modern lodge

So where does this leave us? Right now it is leaving us feeling empty. Something a lot of things are missing! We just don’t know where to start. Our house already has the big exposed wooden beams and the fireplace with wooden mantel, so that is helpful! So come on and give us some advice! I know we live in Florida and we should like beachy stuff, but we just don’t. I don’t like the cold feeling I get from beach houses. I like to feel like I am back in Maine, cozied up in a nice heavy blanket with a fire roaring, EVEN IN THE SUMMER TIME! I like to feel as though my house is a safe haven, without sand on my feet and chills are nowhere to be found.

There has to be some way to combine rustic/lodge/modern/cozy! I LOVE West Elm, but we can afford maybe ONE decoration a year from there! Maybe I should go work at Target for a year and see what I can hoard in the back for our house!

**UPDATE** A fellow friend/blogger, (Cheryl at suggested that I post more pictures of what our house looks like so you can better help me with decorating ideas, so here they are*

our house

So here’s the tour:

  • Picture #1 is a view from our couch. It looks out into the “dining room”
  • Picture #2 is the huge wall behind our couch
  • Picture #3 is in the dining room. We have NOOOOO idea what to do with this huge blank space. See that round mirror down on the floor? We are thinking of putting that up there? What do you think? Right now it’s just an art wall!
  • Pic #4 is the entryway and a view of the right side of the living room.
  • Pic #5 is showing you our ceiling. We have a huge, exposed beam. That fan is pretty ugly isn’t it? It doesn’t look that bad in person…or does it?

Does this help you help me better? I hope so!

Think you can help us out?

Send me pictures or links to what you think we should do!

Kid Friendly Craft Series: Frame Your Fridge

Craft #4: Thrift Store Frames That Your Child Can Paint

Hi. My name is Goldi and I’m a hoarder of pictures. Ok, ok, not just pictures…everything. We won’t get into why I probably need therapy, but we will get into how I have taken the first step and admitted my problem AND I found a solution! Of course I had help from Pinterest. It was this post that inspired me to get my refrigerator under control: A Diamond in the Stuff.

I went to the thrift store ran by one of the church’s here in Florida where everything is basically $1.00! The frames I got were actually only $0.25! A couple of them were even labeled as “vintage!” ooooooh! haha They are actually very neat because the glass on them is convex and is curved out instead of a flat piece of glass like regular frames.

Lil’ Bear helped me paint the frames after we took them apart. He was in charge of which colors we used on each frame.

Paint old frames for fridge

Then we hot glued some magnetic tape to the back of the frames and voila! The fridge is so crisp and clean looking and now it is not so obvious that I am a hoarder of pictures! The fridge is no longer an eye sore with 57 random papers hanging haphazardly off the sides.

Magnet tape for backs of frames

Magnet tape was hot glued to the back of the frames


organized fridge


Simple, right? Lay out plastic trash bags or paper bags or in my case, an old yoga mat and let the kids get messy! They will love it and then they will be so proud when they see them on the fridge with their cute little faces in them!


Kid Friendly Craft Series: Go bend metal!

Simple things can make a project in any child’s mind!

Craft #3: Bent Metal Sign:

We found some old scrap wood out in the woods one day. Lil’ Bear wanted to bring it home and do a project with it. We still haven’t done anything with it, but we did take off all of the old hardware and metal wires. He took the metal wires and bent them all into the letters of his name and we hung it up in his room. He’s 4 and he has cool taste! It looks so “ranch style” in his room.

Bent metal sign

My son created a very cool, anitquey looking sign for his room!


Can you imagine if I stopped him from his “vision” and tossed out those old metal wires? I love walking in his room and seeing this on the wall. It reminds me to let him be little, let him create and that it’s ok to be messy and not only allow “store bought” things become decorations!

If you missed the previous kid-friendly crafts, you can find them here:

Day 1: DIY Block Letters

Day 2: DIY Iron on Shirt



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