Kid Friendly Craft Series: Frame Your Fridge

Craft #4: Thrift Store Frames That Your Child Can Paint

Hi. My name is Goldi and I’m a hoarder of pictures. Ok, ok, not just pictures…everything. We won’t get into why I probably need therapy, but we will get into how I have taken the first step and admitted my problem AND I found a solution! Of course I had help from Pinterest. It was this post that inspired me to get my refrigerator under control: A Diamond in the Stuff.

I went to the thrift store ran by one of the church’s here in Florida where everything is basically $1.00! The frames I got were actually only $0.25! A couple of them were even labeled as “vintage!” ooooooh! haha They are actually very neat because the glass on them is convex and is curved out instead of a flat piece of glass like regular frames.

Lil’ Bear helped me paint the frames after we took them apart. He was in charge of which colors we used on each frame.

Paint old frames for fridge

Then we hot glued some magnetic tape to the back of the frames and voila! The fridge is so crisp and clean looking and now it is not so obvious that I am a hoarder of pictures! The fridge is no longer an eye sore with 57 random papers hanging haphazardly off the sides.

Magnet tape for backs of frames

Magnet tape was hot glued to the back of the frames


organized fridge


Simple, right? Lay out plastic trash bags or paper bags or in my case, an old yoga mat and let the kids get messy! They will love it and then they will be so proud when they see them on the fridge with their cute little faces in them!


Kid Friendly Craft Series: Go bend metal!

Simple things can make a project in any child’s mind!

Craft #3: Bent Metal Sign:

We found some old scrap wood out in the woods one day. Lil’ Bear wanted to bring it home and do a project with it. We still haven’t done anything with it, but we did take off all of the old hardware and metal wires. He took the metal wires and bent them all into the letters of his name and we hung it up in his room. He’s 4 and he has cool taste! It looks so “ranch style” in his room.

Bent metal sign

My son created a very cool, anitquey looking sign for his room!


Can you imagine if I stopped him from his “vision” and tossed out those old metal wires? I love walking in his room and seeing this on the wall. It reminds me to let him be little, let him create and that it’s ok to be messy and not only allow “store bought” things become decorations!

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Kid-Friendly Craft Series: Iron On T-Shirt

Craft #2: DIY Iron On Valentine’s Day T-Shirt

It seems as though every holiday requires our children to wear a holiday shirt. I remember one time I didn’t have a Valentine’s shirt for Lil’ Bear and I felt so bad. Every kid in the hood was wearing one and I believe he had on some bright orange Thomas the Train t-shirt or something. Can you say, “MOM GUILT!”

So this year I wanted him to pick out something, but I didn’t want to break the bank with a t-shirt! Carter’s and Osh Kosh have the cutest, but I’m not paying $15 for one! I let Lil’ Bear peruse Etsy and I read him a bunch of sayings on the shirts. He immediately liked the one that said, “I’m Just a Stud Muffin Looking for My Cupcake!”

Off to Michael’s we went. I got a red t-shirt from the dollar store and found iron on letters and an iron on cupcake.

Here’s the results: He’s so proud of his shirt!! He actually wore it to school today and it is almost Easter!

DIY T-shirt

Iron on t-shirt for Valentine’s Day

Iron on t-shirt

The cupcake iron on is so fuzzy! It’s his favorite part


He made up the phrase on the back of the shirt. The story goes like this:

  • Me: “Lil’ Bear, what do you want the back to say? Your name?”
  • Lil’ Bear: “No, how about, “You are my heart?”
  • Me: “awww, that’s sweet! Did you make that up?”
  • Lil’ Bear: “Yup, but do you know who the heart is?”
  • Me: “ummmm Payton?”
  • Lil Bear: “Nope! You and daddy!”  MELT.MY.HEART!!!!!!!!!!

(That’s where we got the phrase for Craft #1: DIY Block Letters that we made later)

This was so much fun and Lil’ Bear had so much fun. He didn’t want to stop. He was making up things to say so we could make another shirt with the leftover letters. I let him hold the iron and press down on some of the letters, too. He thought that was pretty cool! He’s so proud of it and it will be such a great keepsake! So much better than any t-shirt we could have ordered online!


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Kid Friendly Craft Series: DIY Block Letters

Create a wooden block letter message with your child

The more I listen to my child, the more I realize he is more creative than I give him credit for! He has fantastic ideas, so I have learned to just go with it! Here are some projects that he has been the foreman of!

Craft #1. DIY Wooden Block letters:

We had a ton of scrap wood leftover from our DIY Garage Shelves project and we didn’t want to just throw them out. I got out some spray paint and let Lil’ Bear spray until his heart was content.

After they dried I asked them what he wanted them to say, but I wanted a holiday theme. For Christmas he came up with “CHEER with a star.” For Valentine’s Day he wanted the phrase he made up for his homemade Valentine’s Day shirt, “U R MY HEART.” YES, he came up with that himself! Instead of stenciling the word “heart,” we just painted a heart. When they were all dry, I helped him put polyurethane over them for protection.

holiday block letters


Turn the blocks over, rearrange and the you have another message for a different holiday!

U R My Heart.jpg

So they are the same blocks, just different letters/message on the other side! So they serve the purpose for TWO holidays! Isn’t he a clever boy? All I did was supply the paint and tape on the stencils!

They are so cute! We display them on our entertainment center, but I may move them to the mantel this Christmas so they make even MORE of a statement!

The cost for this project: $0! The blocks were scrap wood. We already had the paint, stencils, brushes and polyurethane! Go check out your garage or craft drawer and I’m sure you can find stuff to make these, too!

2. Tomorrow you will see his sweet Valentine’s Day shirt!



How to Get the Yolk out of the Egg Easily

Disappearing egg yolk trick

Can’t have egg yolk or just prefer egg whites only?

Prepare yourselves people. This is life changing. Are you sitting down? Of course you are, you are at your computer!

*(please excuse my homeless look…just got done working out, so Im in messy clothes and my hair, well, it’s messy no matter what I do!)*

Click the link below to see my grand debut on YouTube :)

You didn’t know I was a magician, did you? Now, go try it for yourselves and have an EGGGGcellent day! (Magician AND comedian!)

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