DIY Garage Shelves

Move over HGTV, we’re getting our DIY shelving on!

We both have so much useful “junk” that we needed more than just a garage. We needed to make our own garage shelves immediately! What’s a garage without shelves? Not efficient, not helpful and NOT useful!  Is there a checklist to see if you are a hoarder? We might be close! Our garage was a trip to the ER waiting to happen! So off we went, gung-ho one 3 day weekend…

I think it took my husband longer to do all of the calculating and measuring than it did to actually build the DIY shelves in our garage! He’s a math genius, so I’m not saying that he’s slow, but what I AM saying is that it was super easy to do once the measuring was finito. There was no “DIY Renovation Reality” going on in our house lemme tell ya! Get a tape measure and Do It Yourself garage shelves are easy as pie…considering you already know how to make pie :)

We thought it was an old wives tale that Home Depot (HD from here on out) would cut the wood to size for us, so I called ahead and lo and behold, it’s true!! So off we went to HD with our notebook drawing and dimensions.

*sidenote* did y’all know that it’s actually THE Home Depot? I did not. I just thought it was Home Depot. Try it: “Hey hon, I’m going to THE Home Depot this afternoon.” Just weird. I digress…

I must say, the female workers are usually more helpful than the men, at our store anyway! This hottie came right up to us and helped me pull down some plywood, gave lil bear a free toy to build and an adorable kid-sized carpenter’s apron. BONUS POINTS TO HOME DEPOT CHICKS!

Ready to DIY garage shelves in his new HD apron!

Approves of our DIY project now that he has his very own free HD apron (not the best pic, but we’re inside HD and it’s a cell phone pic)

The magical wood cutting dude, we’ll call him “Tony,” took about 45 mins to make his way to us to cut the wood, but I guess you have that luxury when you are a high commodity at HD! We gave him our wood and dimensions and he fired that ginormo saw up and just like that we were ready to go all DIY on our garage!

Oh, the bonus for me: I told Big bear that saws are hot, as in sexy, and he bought one! Actually, he had a saw, batteries and other stuff the saw required and then another lady that worked there told him that the Ryobi saw was on sale and had all of that other stuff included for about $100 less! SCORE! I think I’ll tell him that I think hot tubs and saw horses are sexy, too, and see where that gets me! So, I have a Dremel, a saw, a leaf blower, lawn mower, chain saw and a Mac computer…what else could a girl ask for? Oh, I also got a my very own chalk line! Who else out there love to get tools? Is it just me?

Our game plan for our DIY garage shelves:

ANNYwho, we got all of the wood cut to size, loaded it up (it wasn’t pretty, or safe, but we made it over the bridge), unloaded it and got right to work!

In about 5 hours we took our drawings from this:

dimensions of shelves

to this:

DIY shelves for garage done

So much storage now!

  and now we’re a little more organized! Notice the white shelves in front? Those were those horrible particle board shelves. They are in all of our closets from previous owners, so we tried to make them into garage shelves, but it was hopeless. We’re all loving the open space in the garage and how easy it is to find stuff!

I mean, they aren’t worthy of a King, but definitely fine for us paupers!

Ps. I will totally hire my hubs out if you want him to make them for you. He looks quite good in a tool belt!


3 Comments on DIY Garage Shelves

  1. Liz Solomon
    March 10, 2014 at 6:05 pm (2 years ago)

    Those look great! We need to do that too – our garage is definitely difficult to navigate. And it’s good to know that the HD people will cut it for us!
    Liz Solomon recently posted…Learning to Walk in HeelsMy Profile

    • Dawn
      March 10, 2014 at 6:25 pm (2 years ago)

      Yes, it was awesome that HD cut it to our dimensions! IF they didn’t I don’t think we’d have finished so quickly. You just have to make sure you have your dimensions or they get a little miffed. Thankfully we brought our drawings along and were prepared!

  2. Sarah @ 2paws Designs
    March 12, 2014 at 3:54 pm (2 years ago)

    Your shelves look great! Be sure to check out HD’s free monthly Kids’ Workshops for your son. Lowe’s also has a similar program. My 4.5yo is so excited when we tell him it’s a “build Saturday.” He loves doing those free projects and, of course, helping us with DIY projects around the house! Glad I found your blog via SITS. :)
    Sarah @ 2paws Designs recently posted…Simple Kids Build Car RepairMy Profile


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